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You can create your own walks here, however you can only save your walk if you have signed up to the site.

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Creating your walk

To begin creating your walk, find the general location of where you would like to create the walk route.

Map controls

Pan controls
Pan Controls To do this you can use the map controls to pan across the map and find the general region you want to create your walk in.

Pan Mode

You can also use the hand icon to click and drag the map to move the map at a faster pace.

Zoom controls
Zoom Controls Once over the area, use the zoom controls to zoom in on the area until you have the general area you want to plot covered by the walk.

Creating your walk

Add Point Mode

To begin plotting your walk click on the pencil+ icon and click on the map to add your first point. To add your second point, move the mouse to where you want this to be and click the mouse. Repeat this process until you have added all your points, for your final point, double click the mouse to complete the walk – you will notice your line changes colour.

Close Loop

To create a loop, make sure your last point is close to the first point with a small gap in between. After you have double click to finish the route, click on the loop icon to form a loop for that route.

Remove Point

To undo this loop, click on the delete last point icon and this will return the route to the previous form.

Editing your walk

Remove Point

If you want to delete points you will need to make sure the walk editor is in an active mode, the line will appear blue when the editor is active. Click on the pencil – icon when the line is blue and active, this will delete the most recently added point, repeat this process to remove previous points.

Clear All Points

To clear all points and start again click on the X icon.

Move Points

Once your route has been created, to refine the points and make it more accurate, click on the arrow icon, this will change the colour of your route with boxes appearing over each coordinate. When you hover over a box you will see a move icon, click and hold the mouse button and move this to its new location. You will also notice a faint box in between each point; these can also be moved to add extra points to your walk making it more accurate.

Saving your walk

Complete all the fields below the map, remember to enter a title and the 5 key criteria. Once you have added all the relevant information you can save your walk and begin editing a new one.

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Create your walk

Here you can draw the routes of walks that you enjoy and that would like to share with others.

Use the plotting tools inside the map to show where the walk goes.

Help is at hand with a useful video and instructions to get you started.